Lone Wolf vs Brown Bear

by Old Man Lizard



released September 20, 2014



all rights reserved


Old Man Lizard Sudbury, UK


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Track Name: Hippocastanum Warrior
Still fighting strong after his hundredth battle
Slaughtering contenders just like diseased cattle

The handle to his weapon is your hangman’s noose
Wrapped round your throat and you can’t shake loose
His seed, the bastard kills his own kind
Not tens, not dozens, but hundreds of times

He prepares his weapon so others will die
Soaked over night, in acid it lies
Heat in kiln for hours to dry
Your knuckles will bleed, your mother will cry
your mother will cry
your mother will cry
Track Name: Keiko's Last Smile
Turn of the century
A nation collapse
No respect for the elder
It’s time for the act

Back on the island with a shotgun for style
Discover the secret of Kieko’s last smile

Last smile

Last smile
Track Name: Rum Guts (Cetopsis candiru)
In like a hollow point suggested the wound
Inside scavengers tear her a new womb
In minutes her insides consumed
Candiru Asu

A horde one hundred strong found inside her rotting corpse

From consciousness, Candiru devourer from the inside
Track Name: Don't Piss in the River (Vandellia cirrhosa)
Within the mud, beneath the stones lives a blood thirsty monster
A parasite that has been known writhing under the skin near the veins of the doctors hand

To you and I it stinks, its not what they think
Don’t piss in the river
An indescribable pain you’ll never feel the same
Don’t piss in the river

No time, No xaguar
The toughest choice
A bladder burst
But it gets worse
Bleed to death
Or cut the thing off
Track Name: Beelzebeer Blues
You can keep beggin’
You can keep beggin’
You can keep beggin’ through the hole in the sky
Sorry stories of a wasted man could make a grown one cry
He’s been sittin’ here smokin’ and drinkin’ all day
If Jesus loves him, why is he wastin’ away

People in the street preach that I sin
Is it wrong to live in this world we live in
I’d like to give you a piece of my mind
But I’m so tired, I’m so tired

Stop preaching misery. Stop preaching lies
I’ll be nothing but bones after I die

Track Name: Sea of Witches
Dance, dance blinded by the light
The strangest summer skin on the longest winter night
Does the blood of several virgins keep her lips a red so deep
They sip her vile potion, they’re soul is hers to keep

Sea of witches
Sea of witches
Sea of witches

Skin seemed so synthetic decomposing in the rain
Her eyes won’t cry with her legs spread wide, she’s curse, she feels no shame
Sirens clad in fathers riches
Careful you don’t drown in the sea of witches